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Côte d’Azur Pharmacy
Address: 14 Rue de France, 06000 Nice, France | Phone: +33 4 93 88 36 83 | Website:

Outstanding service and products. Top-tier knowledgeable staff and leaders who take the time to help you order cheap Modafinil. It is a gem here in Jacksonville and where I will continue purchasing my prescriptions and supplements as long as I live in the area. Some corporations may offer better deals and benefits for certain drugs. However, if health and wellness are your priority – this is the place to visit.

Do not trust this Côte d’Azur Pharmacy with anyone!!! They have no idea how to count Modafinil pills. They mess up my mom’s medicine every two weeks. They don’t understand that if I pick up two weeks of medicine that she will run out in two weeks, not three! They tell her that she needs to see a doctor that is not even her doctor, or she will not get any more refills!!! Rude people behind the counter and the pharmacist has NO idea what is going on with packaged medicines, and these are for the elderly! This pharmacy is incompetent and should not be trusted with anyone’s medicines!

Pharmacie Anglo American
Address: 2 Rue de France, 06000 Nice, France | Phone: +33 4 93 87 14 29 | Website:

Every single employee provides the best customer service and always with a smile. They are courteous, attentive, friendly, and always helpful. By far the BEST pharmacy overall that I have ever been to in the country! Hoping this A+ staff stays put. Such a pleasure to walk into a store that you know you will be taken care of. Thank you to all the awesome essential employees at Pharmacie Anglo American….you are ALL appreciated!!

The friendliest staff ever!! I have gone a few times to purchase Provigil online and pick up small stuff here and there, and every time the staff is incredibly friendly and goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. They have a great assortment of candy (they were the only place in Weatherford with sour skittles for a while). Great place to go if you need to pick up your prescription or some small first aid items.

Pharmacy France
Address: 13 Bd Gambetta, 06000 Nice, France | Phone: +33 4 93 44 54 05 | Website:

Everyone there is amazing. I’ve had a great experience with the Pharmacy France. From Brenna to Conrad and the rest of the team. They are always willing to help you and provide any information about Modafinil price. When you enter the front, you’re always greeted by staff who are also amazing.

No one disinfects, wipes, or touches any surfaces after a transaction to help reduce the risk from COVID VIRUS. They need to learn to clean when not standing around. Rude employees with attitude lead by a manager with a god complex. Would definitely recommend choosing another store.

Pharmacie Riviera 24h/24 (de Garde)
Address: 66 Av. Jean Médecin, 06000 Nice, France | Phone: +33 4 93 62 54 44 | Website:

The personalized service you get here is unlike going to a grocery store or a big-name drug store. A group of people that actually care and they even have called doctors and insurance companies to help make sure we had what we needed. We have used them for years. Love Pharmacie Riviera 24h/24 (de Garde)!

Not sure what’s going on at this pharmacy, but the helper there is very rude and condescending. She might need some remedial training in dealing with the public. Can this happen Right Aid? Can we say Walgreens? You can get medicine anywhere, but sometimes service makes the difference.