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Pharmacie Lyonnaise
Address: 22 Rue de la République, 69002 Lyon, France | Phone: +33 4 72 56 44 00 | Website:

I love this pharmacy!!! Everybody is so nice and helpful!!! The pharmacist is great and cares about her patients!! And she will do everything in her power to help you order Stromectol online… She had my medicine hand-delivered to me once just cause the shipment was late, and I live 45 mins from the pharmacy… 5-star review!!!!!

Picked up my prescription my insurance card was unreadable. No problem, I was told I could pay then get refunded for the difference through the insurance company. Well… they don’t take my insurance at Pharmacie Lyonnaise, and no one told me to be as they had my insurance card in their possession, so now I’m out that money right during the holiday season during a pandemic when I could have gone next door and picked it up at Walmart for $5 if I would have been informed by the pharmacist. Jackson didn’t recognize my insurance. I’ve been a customer for years, and this may change that for me.

Pharmacie lafayette
Address: 248 Cr Lafayette, 69003 Lyon, France | Phone: +33 4 78 53 36 51 | Website:

They are very quick and helpful! The price wasn’t too bad either! I needed documents completed for insurance reimbursement, which they were able to help with. When insurance asked for extra information, they were very quick to handle and get things resolved! The staff is also very friendly! I have been to different compounding pharmacies in the area, and this one has been the best experience so far!

This Pharmacie lafayette is fantastic. I’ve been going for over a year and have always had the most pleasant experiences. The employees are kind on the phone and in person. Recently, they quickly filled Stromectol prescription while I was there to pick up another – just so I didn’t have to make another trip in the coming days. The only downfall is they don’t have a drive-through. I highly recommend, and I don’t give out 5 stars lightly.

La Pharmacie
Address: 16 Rue de la Barre, 69002 Lyon, France | Phone: +33 4 78 37 78 71 | Website:

La Pharmacie is terrific. Pharmacists are very knowledgeable and care about people. Ivermectin medications are always on time. I had to switch to Walgreens because of my insurance company, and after 8 months, I continued to have problems every month! I miss the staff at Hope and their expertise every day. People don’t realize a great pharmacy until they have to deal with people who don’t care about how they do their jobs.

Whenever I go into this Hope pharmacy, they NEVER have the medication I need EVER. I always have to wait DAYS for Stromectol pills. I have never been upset enough to write a bad review, but this has happened WAY too many times, and I needed to speak my mind. I will not be using this pharmacy again.

Pharmacy Lyon
Address: 99 Av. Félix Faure, 69003 Lyon, France | Phone: +33 4 78 72 33 49 | Website:

I love my Pharmacy Lyon family with those I work with and our customers. I have worked in a big chain pharmacy and have never regretted my move with Guardian’s. I have been with Guardian’s for 14 years. I do compliance packaging and enjoy making it easier for our customers to buy Stromectol. I love the total remodel of our store. If you haven’t been in to see it stop by and say hello. We would love to see you.

Definitely 0 stars if there’s the option. Have met 3 pharmacists who were so impatient and indifferent! A man went away in front of an old lady who was in need of help. A lady was just repeating ‘I can’t find your info’ to me instead of trying to be helpful. Don’t go there. They’ll ruin your day.